About Elizabeth



Elizabeth is a clinical psychologist who specializes in child development, child behavior, and working with children and families.  She has been working in the field of child mental health for over 10 years, and has experience working in community settings, schools, clinics, and hospitals.  She provides training and education to students and professionals in a variety of settings, and has presented at national and international conferences.  She has also published articles and book chapters on child development, and has been interviewed by magazines and radio programs regarding her expertise in child development and behavior.  Elizabeth is also a featured contributor and expert on Guidance Guide (www.parental.guidanceguide.com).

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personalized parenting - my philosophy 

The most important lesson I have learned in my work with children is that partnering with parents is central to supporting children.  The parent-child relationship is the most critical relationship for the child, and while there is an immense amount of responsibility on the parent, there is very little support directly provided for parents.  Working with parents is my passion, and providing parents with support is the goal of my parent coaching. 




support for parents, everyday

Working with parents and children in therapy has been a fulfilling career for many years.  Throughout my work, I noticed with increasing frequency that parents were seeking my advice outside of a therapy context - they wanted support for the everyday challenges involved in parenting.  Parents wanted evidence-based information to help inform parenting decisions.  Parents wanted to feel supported, and to have access to thoughtful information beyond the latest fear-inducing social media article that made them certain they were doing "everything wrong."  

Personalized parenting was created to serve that purpose - to support and encourage parents in navigating the challenges, and joys, of parenting.    Warmly, Elizabeth

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