In-person group workshop


In-person group workshop


Schedule Dr. Adams for an in-person group workshop.  Workshops cost $200.00 per hour, regardless of the size of the group (posted rate available for the Washington, DC metro area - email Dr. Adams to arrange workshops that require travel).  Workshops can be large or small, and can take place in a variety of settings (parenting groups, schools, clinics, community centers, etc).  Workshop topics can be customized to your group's needs.  

Current topics include:

  • Facilitating friendships
  • Communicating and connecting
  • Fostering language development 
  • Playful parenting 
  • Sibling relationships
  • Routines
  • Sleep
  • Potty training 
  • Behavior 101
  • Tackling tantrums

You may purchase the workshop directly from here, but that is not necessary.  Feel free to email us at directly for more information!

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