Frequently Asked Questions


What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is the process of working with a trained professional who supports parents and caregivers in managing the typical challenges that arise when taking care of children.  The coaching relationship is collaborative, and the coach works with the parent(s) to identify goals to improve the parent-child relationship, manage routines, change challenging behavior, and/or work through developmental stages.  Parents are given helpful information, taught strategies, and are supported in implementing these strategies into their lives though the parent coaching relationship.  All advice is unique and personalized to the needs of each family.  



What is the difference between parent coaching and therapy?

Parent coaching is not therapy or medical treatment.  The process of therapy includes the diagnosis and treatment of psychological or medical conditions.  Parent coaching is appropriate for generally healthy parents and caregivers who are seeking expert advice and support in the management of challenges involved in parenting.  In some instances, Dr. Adams may refer parents for more intensive support or therapy.  If you are in the Washington, DC area, Elizabeth may be available for traditional therapy services:  Learn more about therapy services here


What TYPES OF concerns can be addressed with parent coaching?

  • routines and transitions 
  • sleep training/sleep habits
  • potty training 
  • tantrums/non-compliance and discipline
  • power struggles
  • homework challenges
  • co-parenting concerns
  • sibling relationships
  • responding to your child's emotions


Scheduling a session is easy!  You may either purchase the session is advance, or contact us directly to schedule at  The initial session is a total of 90 minutes, and includes 30 minutes of consultation, at no additional charge.  This allows Elizabeth to collect the necessary background information to customize the coaching session.  Subsequent sessions are one hour each.  All sessions are conducted over a video-based conference service (recommended), or can be conducted over the phone (if the client desires).  The average family generally benefits from a total of 3-6 coaching sessions, but this varies based on the concerns and the needs of each family.  There is typically 1-2 weeks between each session to allow for time to implement recommendations.  The coaching sessions can include spouses, caregivers, partners, relatives, grandparents, and/or professionals working with your child.  The child(ren) are generally not a part of the parent coaching sessions.  


how does parent coaching help?

If you are feeling hopeless, exhausted, and confused about how to manage some of the challenging aspects of parenting, parent coaching may be right for you.  Despite the overwhelming amount of information available about parenting, navigating what to implement and how to implement strategies can be overwhelming.  Parent coaching is support provided directly to parents, and personalized to your goals, values, and needs.  Learn more about Dr. Adams and her philosophy. 

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