See what parents are saying about the Personalized Parenting approach

"The techniques Elizabeth provided were a game-changer for our family.  I read every parenting book I could get my hands on, but I just ended up feeling confused by the contradicting advice.  Elizabeth helped us to figure out a plan that fit our family, and worked specifically for us and what we needed.  I would strongly recommend Elizabeth to any parent who is feeling stuck."                   - J.R., mother of three

Changed dynamic

"Working with Elizabeth dramatically changed the dynamic in our household. My daughter began acting out after the birth of my son, and we turned to Elizabeth for guidance and a plan. My husband and I implemented her suggestions together and we saw an immediate improvement. We felt like we finally had our daughter "back" after only three or four days of purposeful parenting."

 - A.W., mother of two

"As a first time mother you are always rethinking steps you’re taking with your baby.  And it only seems to get harder as they become toddlers.  With my son, I was having some difficultly trying to discipline him in a productive manner that would teach him lessons effectively.  I read all the latest books on the subject, but everything felt so generalized and not specific to our needs. 
That is when I reached out to Dr. Adams to seek help on how I can best discipline my son, for the issues that were coming up within our home/school life.   She has been a tremendous help and we are seeing such positive reinforcement and changes to my son’s behavior.  With our one-on-one coaching sessions I am able to present very specific scenarios that arise that she has been able to coach me through.  And the results have been nothing but rewarding.  Not only that, her reassurance that these behavior challenges are common amongst all children has made me feel so much better and that we are taking all the right steps!
I have had such a positive experience with Dr. Adams and her coaching that I could see myself using her through all my challenges as parents. Her scheduling flexibility, empathy, and expertise in childhood development are unlike any other.  I have already referred her to many, and will continue doing so because I believe she has an extraordinary talent to help parents be the best parent they can be.  That is something that is truly invaluable!"  - N.N., mother of two

Direct Support

Dr. Adams is amazing! She listens to you and is compassionate to your unique situation and gives direct expert advice. I've read a bunch of parenting books written by specialists in their field on various issues and I often felt a) that the author could be condescending or judgey, b) that the approach wouldn't work for my kid because of his personality or other environmental issues or c) that they didn't address my very specific issue. Having the direct support and ability to have a conversation rather than sift through a book is invaluable, not to mention a huge timesaver!"  

  - R.R., mother of two

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Adams for over a decade and I feel fortunate to call her my colleague and friend. I cannot think of another person I would better recommend for parent coaching. Her knowledge base, clinical skills, and genuine care for families is a true gift. I am excited to see that she will now be able to reach even more families through this important work."      - Dr. L. Day, Clinical Psychologist

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